Since rebels came out, I've heard mixed opinions about it. I can see where this question has come from. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Clone Wars vs. Rebels. On top of that, with the amount of canceled and unproduced arcs, Clone Wars could have been longer, while Rebels' length worked pretty flawlessly. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Does anyone need to re-watch the episode where Chopper is separated and needs to get back to the crew? Savage Oppress Beheads like 8 members of the black sun in a scene. That's not to say the action was terrible in Rebels, but seeing a character getting shot and noticing the impact the blaster made gave each battle an edge. Not only did James Earl Jones return to voice Vader, but the show knew exactly how much to use him without feeling like it was pandering to older fans. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Every one of these 20 something episode series is going to have a few episodes that don't add much to the over-arching plot and is there to tell a few one-off episodes. The first canon animated show had to do a lot for the Star Wars universe. Related: The 10 Best Superhero Anime Of The Decade, Ranked. When Kanon gives his life to save his crew in Season 4, people were shocked and saddened because we didn't know what would happen to him. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. I'm almost done Rebels, I started watching with my 2 year old, and I got hooked, and he's kind of moved on, ... It’s not as good (except animation wise, where it excels), but it’s still a pretty fun watch. Everything in Clone Wars was grand and epic, which makes sense when you're amidst intergalactic warfare. While the Rebels did eventually join up with the resistance, the actual political dilemma and battles were on a much smaller scale than what Clone Wars offered. The Rebels’ style animation is thick and blocky, whereas the animation style of Clone Wars, eventually (especially in season 3 and on) is fluid and believable. The beloved character from Star Wars animation made her live-action debut played by … Hey, but the last episode of that also gave us Gregor, who was kickass. The main reason I dislike rebels is because it cancelled an entire season of the clone wars that was almost finished, and some of the episodes we never really got to see. You had Ezra the rebellious young kid, Kanon the wise and charismatic master, Zeb as the muscle and last of his kind, and so on. But lots of people love Clone Wars. The sepratists torture captured prisoners by electrocuting them. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Whether it was a chopper cameo in Rogue One or the upcoming rumored links between the show and The Mandalorian. After the 6th season on Netflix, The same creative team would go on to create an equally loved animated series: Star Wars Rebels. Regardless of the wonder of seeing a distant planet, there's a reason why it's called "Star Wars." Because of this, this leads to much more interesting character dynamics than just simple quips. People are not doing themselves any favors by comparing the series, they are going for very different things. Star Wars: A complete guide to Clone Wars, Rebels … Further animated series began to be released in the 2000s, the first two of which focused on the prequel trilogy-era Clone Wars.After Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm, only the latter was kept in the canon of continuity of the episodic Star Wars films. Even as a huge fan of TCW, I prefer Rebels. He spends literally 5 minutes of an episode beating the shit out of a guy for coming on to padme and he throws him theough a glass table. It does NOT seem like a kid's show at all. Clone Wars vs Rebels. As much as we love the lighter-swashbuckling adventures of Rebels, we can't help but still long for the much darker storytelling of Clone Wars. Generally, if I see either Jar Jar or Padme in the description, I skip it. Anakin is alway force choking people he doesn't like. That goes to show how much better the creative forces behind Clone Wars were when compared to George Lucas when he made the prequel trilogy. In saying that though there are some really epic arcs that I enjoyed more than Rebels. By Joshua Olivieri Jan 20, 2018 While the Star Wars films have been controversial as of late, their two big TV shows have consistently had people interested from the very beginning. One thing that Star Wars Rebels knew how to do was use humor and a lighter tone. Check out this news in the video below, starting around the 10:50 mark: That's not to say Clone Wars had this; look at Dooku and Palpatine. There's a lot of potential in Rebels, but as long as it keeps getting flanderized because of the network it's on, it will have a much more difficult time being able to match the best that TWC had to offer. I personally think the clone wars is better, but rebels is still okish. People knew what was going to happen to all these characters. Please Subscribe and Like for more videos thanks!Ahsoka Tano Vs Mandalorian (Pre Vizsla & Din Djarin) - Star Wars Rebels Clone Wars Disney Darksaber That's a lot going on for something that was initially meant for younger audiences. Even Darth Maul, who started as one of the most boring villains Star War ever introduced, was far more fleshed out in this series. Maul stabs obiwan's gal pal through the chest right in front of him. It made for the most emotional battle in the Star Wars canon since audiences saw Luke and Darth Vader battle in Return of the Jedi. RUMOR. The Clone Wars Season 7. There's so much you're missing out on in the Star Wars universe. While Rebels made good use of action, they felt a bit more toned down when compared to how they were used in Clone Wars. When fans first learned that Star Wars: The Clone Wars was saved during a special panel at San Diego Comic Con last summer, the room erupted … Definitely darker. Endgame: 5 Ways They Are Similar (and 5 Ways They're Not). However, they did slowly start to give some of their villain's much more distinct personalities and motives. Also LOVE the starship trooper esq openings in TCW. Sure, the comedy wasn't award-winning and on the same level as other shows on children's programming, but it helps distinguish its self from its predecessor. ... and she didn't even have anything to do with Star Wars Rebels or Clone Wars. I've watched CW S1-3 so are S4-6 better than Rebels or other way around? While Darth Vader is still a great villain, the other villains in Rebels were more one-dimensional in their motives. Lightsabers and blasters are the two most powerful tools in the Star Wars Universe.