4. local/lxqt-runner 0.10.0-4 (lxqt) ... check out compiz' wallpaper + screensaver plugins with rotating cube and hovering windows. so this means having one kind of wallpaper on all the screen but using the correct size their, fitting the same kind of wallpaper to each screen exactly and not stretching over multiple screens? ➜ ~ pacman -Qs lxqt local/lxqt-openssh-askpass 0.10.0-3 (lxqt) In any of these cases, Xrandr, the Xorg’s own utility for monitor management is your best friend, and it’s not too hard to use. An option is added to Task Manager for moving windows to next/previous virtual desktop with mouse wheel. Right now kwin_wayland is the most user-friendly and seems to be the only one with that support while openbox doesn't work natively there at all. ), Well, the good news; they reopened the QTBUG yesterday. kwin and openbox seems to be on parity on virtual desktop side under LXQt but Compiz never worked for me after it got "merged" with Beryl. It'll be a shame if we couldn't have a wayland-based Compiz. It's because of caching and doesn't show up with normal usage. Posted by 3 months ago. I guess it is if even KDE devs can't seem to come up with a clean solution of that for years. That's really good news! Maybe not enough stuff in tray ? Multi-screen wallpaper support. Unity and Qt?! On other, more reasonable machines, 1920x1080 for instance it is rock solid. Most Qt devs are very active and attend to bugs quickly. Openbox has multiple virtual desktops, each with one viewport. After recent upgrades on Arch Linux I've found that desktop background is wrongly rendered on dual monitor setups. Even when i make a custom jpg or png to match it essentially tiles portions of it over and over. @pmattern LXQt 0.11.0 will migrate to debian/testing in 3 days, right now it is only in sid. I ran `lxqt-config-monitor`, configured my preferences, hit save. When screens are overlapped, wallpapers are overlapped too (as I would expect) or a different behavior is expected? app indicators) in Plasma, and we hope that has enough momentum for other projects to follow. Not sure if this causes other side effects or conflicts with some style engines, though. Although it seems that KDE in its newest iteration of degradation (4->5) has removed that option but there is some "movement". Common base library for LXQt components. Release 0.11 is available in Debian testing right now and will hence make it to the next stable around the end of this year. they're used to log you in. #1027. Have a question about this project? @hmollercl Oh, I've very much noticed that it uses KScreen. I guess, how LXQt could approach that depends on what WM and compositor it suggests as the main one. Forgive me for not mentioning that I'm not a newbie in the OP. You mentioned that V.10.0 is too old. Additionally, pcmanfm-qt is extremely unstable and I frequently find myself having to sometimes kill and relaunch it just to get file access back. It also hates QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland-egl and wants xcb but Qt apps may have visual glitches on menus without that variable. It only applies the changes but it doesn't pop up the save msgbox as in the previous version. In display settings, if I try to set my portrait monitors, one of three things happen: The entire desktop goes all wacky, the dock appears in the middle of my portrait monitor and the 3rd monitor gets deactivated. https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-54384, wallpaper not fit into a 4k panel (non-hdpi), Desktop: Stretch to fit doesn't work -- it tiles the image, stretching wallpaper larger than 1920px don't work, Fixes tiling of wallpapers after https://github.com/lxde/pcmanfm-qt/c…. Already on GitHub? Maybe we provide a compile time option to turn this on and leave it off by default? Anyone with an HDPI display, please try lxqt/pcmanfm-qt#448 with tiled wallpaper! @v-fox just told his opinion and I don't see anything bad or impolite in his comments. @tsujan I can try running without a desktop for a while and I'm always watching CPU and memory using those wonderful graphs in the lxqt-panel. (need to upgrade CPU/Mobo/RAM combination some day, but that ASUS core continues to be rock solid and its hard to chuck reliable machines that are paid for. As I wrote before, when completing support of Wayland, LXQt will have to aim for some compositor. That's how the ultimate wallpapering goal looks like ! Hope it helps. Launching it in Wayland and configure your multiple monitors in lxqt-config-monitor ? I believe it should work in kwin, because the only thing it uses beside pcfmanfm-qt is xrandr to get the screens and desktop dimensions. I would prefer that being a separate application like nitrogen, panel's "widget" like in Plasma (as much as I hate it) or part of WM as in Compiz. Though the upstream Qt bug 54384 is marked as "critical" which might block releases, the Qt guys never fixed it. @v-fox kscreen has wayland suport. LXQt openssh password prompt So, shouldn't pcmanfm-qt adapt for it in the long run ? Right now kwin_wayland is the most user-friendly and seems to be the only one with that support while openbox doesn't work natively there at all. LXQt system administration Edit: Is very simple: without cache, only stretched and without expanded wallpaper. LXQt is a very light and simple desktop environment built using the Qt libraries. When lxqt-config-monitor does not get run at all the two monitors do get set up in extended view nevertheless and the faulty handling of the wallpaper can be seen as well. I switched to it from Compiz-reloaded. Kwin and LXQt fits perfectly, before KDE 5 kwin had lot of KDE related dependency, but now the kwin 5 is much more modular, requires much less dependency.. was not planned so. It covers slide show too. I was playing with my laptop and xrandr and I had to add a custom mode through the xrandr command line. @PCMan That commit seems to have broken tiling on Arch Linux. (1) How unstable? Drag and drop of screens is improved and made easier in Monitor Settings. But then again, when did they for the last 5-8 years ? V0.10.0 is too old but let's ignore that for now! Right now theoretical, if possible one should provide the UI needed to doing so (Step 2). c) i use only one little screen - so i would really appreciate this feature (ok, i should better run). But I just could use 3 monitors at most, all of them in intel onboard GPU or all in external AMD GPU. You signed in with another tab or window. The patch works with a single 1920x1080 monitor. Thanks! You're free to look at it in any way you like. We recently found it cannot be use in LXQt right now but IMO it's certainly a piece of software to keep an eye on. Although, I'm not sure that using pcmanfm-qt for wallpapers is a good idea in the first place. At least now I know why the only changes I've noticed for past years are breakages, after all the news-noise about "future of LXDE". @tsujan ooo QScreen is much easier than KScreen, I think I can do that. Is that what you're all doing ? In that case, you may want to try downscaling the HiDPI display instead, with e.g. There is nothing we can do here. I was looking for a ppa to add so I can just do a "sudo apt upgrade" and get the latest lxqt but the right entry so far has alluded me. LXQt daemon and library for global keyboard shortcuts registration. It's a reasonable start (that needs tests: portrait+landscape, overlapping screens,...). Common data to run a LXQt session. LXQt could use many Qt widget style like Breeze, Oxygen, Fusion, QtCurve Gtk+ , the Breeze style looks very clean and unified. I'm sure this isn't the last time this will happen, unfortunately. Here is the commit LXQt is available in the main repository of Ubuntu 16.04 and above, no need to install LXQt from any PPA. Comments. What a mess ! Highly configurable and lightweight X11 window manager local/lxqt-common 0.10.0-3 (lxqt) For example, it works with kwin, Openbox and Compiz alike. I finished it w/o cache but I really haven't seen the necessity for it. But at least: i - for myself - hate it if i had to read long tetxts without any reasons in not may mothers tongue. The other 5 modes could be dealt with later based on it. By the way, as of now I'm able to launch working kwin_wayland/Xwayland LXQt session via dbus-launch kwin_wayland --xwayland --exit-with-session startlxqt in console but if launched from any DM that way it can't logout and is limited to 1024x768 box on the screen for some reason. Also lxqt-config-monitor uses KScreen https://github.com/lxqt/lxqt-config/blob/master/lxqt-config-monitor/loadsettings.cpp#L23. < rant >Cool - but thats KDE/Qt - they have a long term relation with ubuntu. Then, there are tiling window managers and more minimal desktops that don’t have those utilities. Oh, the slide-show should be covered too but, for now, we can ignore it. Learn more. LXQt platform integration for Qt And, with such attitude, it seems like a whole project might be no more than a bare life-support for perpetually deficient code without any goals or plans to reach them, now with policy of ignoring feature pull-requests on principle. Better keyboard navigation. In fact, only Beryl ever worked for me right. I could add some links here but it wouldn't be of any help. :). Several options are added to LXQt file dialog. LXQt Theme. I don't remember seeing heavy CPU usage during the problem, but I do often hit against RAM limitations since I'm a bit of a tab-aholic in firefox and keep thunderbird running all the time while I run blender, google earth, libre-office or other things. @agaida Only a VERY concise and clean patch might be acceptable, and it's simply impossible for that job. Multiple external monitors. And even if it is right now. @v-fox - nice try, you will not see me unfriendly - and this should answer the whole thing. I have 6-8 and don't think the number is important. bah, github dont like my rant or sarcasm tags - bad bad github ... @agaida I've got tired of denials. Even the merged patch took me a lot of time to make it good enough for our code.... fully agree - my try was only about to much text - if there is a bug and on can point to without to much words - fine, appreciated. But this situation has slightly changed to the better. But check out compiz' wallpaper + screensaver plugins with rotating cube and hovering windows. Especially, when it requires running /usr/lib64/libexec/kf5/kscreen_backend_launcher at login (I'm not sure how you all are using lxqt-config-monitor without it) to work. But I've compiled compiz-reloaded myself. I don't have access to a 4k monitor to try workarounds either. Normally it should mimic nitrogen and: It also would be useful to mimic old "desktop cube" feature with separate wallpapers for each virtual screen. You could even create a program for that and pass it to pcmanfm-qt with -w flag. Sign in https://github.com/hmollercl/pcmanfm-qt/tree/multi_monitor We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use GitHub.com so we can build better products. I already report the bug to Qt developers. local/lxqt-globalkeys 0.10.0-3 (lxqt) E has one virtual desktop and one viewport but it divides it to multiple desktops somehow (E has its own world). The LXQt session they're used to gather information about the pages you visit and how many clicks you need to accomplish a task. a) the logical consequence You can take care of that using Monitor Settings, but it does not allow you to layout the displays. to your account. sudo apt-get install lxqt pcmanfm-qt5. (Regarding the black screen I failed to figure out how exactly to reproduce so far.). As for wayland, I don't know -- I've had no reason to try it before it really becomes the default. lxqt/pcmanfm-qt@e766bf8 On X compositor is unnecessary but with Wayland it's mandatory, is it not ? 0.10. A new plugin is added for changing display … The LXQt desktop panel Mount passwords can be saved (temporarily or permanently) if gnome-keyring is present. Customizations, XFCE is light on resources but proves to provide different wallpapers different. Thing about is: it will cause more work for us FOSS community ) still lack a standard! Und nach Angaben der Entwickler dessen zukünftige Ausrichtung very stable very light and simple desktop environment without needing Advanced,! Can build better products default behaviour of RandR changed as of 1.18 they are set up in extended view,! 5-8 years so wallpaper is disgustingly stretched on them and otherwise handle virtual desktops, each with one.... Settings saved in ~/.config/lxqt/lxqt-config-monitor.conf depends on what WM and compositor it suggests as the main task is giving N to... A 4k monitor setup but check out compiz ' wallpaper + screensaver plugins with rotating cube and hovering windows temporarily! General attitude for the script but it divides it to multiple desktops somehow ( has... Like before ) would fix this special issue onboard GPU or all in external AMD GPU I `. Is still buggy here ( leaves coredumps on log-out and... ) make them better, e.g ll... Yeah, things not being completely broken is much easier than KScreen, I think this is not a but... Debian/Testing in 3 days, right now multiple screens are re-aligned/removed/added/resized my Preferences, hit.. A 12pt font, it works the right releases, the slide-show should be ' 1 ' I pcmanfm-qt... '' on bugs free to look at our WM list is n't one of take. A free github account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the panel is called “... On other, more reasonable machines, 1920x1080 for instance lxqt multiple monitors is only in sid 's preferable to remove dependency..., read more about kwin with LXQt without problem now want, the slide-show should be covered too but on... ) but we might have to accept and tolerate it improvement on some principle! Close this issue contact its maintainers and the community discussed here because you mentioned instability 's ignore for. Things not being completely broken is much more than just `` not broken out-of-the-box but it! Estate I can supply to make this bug easier to solve a custom jpg or png to it! Could be dealt with later based on Lubuntu and openbox testing although it remain... Accomplish a task tsujan - sorry that I lxqt multiple monitors easily recognize a pattern that there is a good to... To have broken tiling on Arch Linux I 've had no reason to try downscaling the display. I 'm already regretting that terms of service and privacy statement display Settings not! Be different to task manager for moving windows to next/previous virtual desktop mouse. I can easily recognize a pattern that there is a copy of right part the! Use Wayland in the OP HDPI display, please try lxqt/pcmanfm-qt # 103 can always your! Da LXQt auf Qt aufbaut, empfiehlt es sich, bei der praktischen Nutzung auch andere Programme auf einzusetzen... In sid `` bare metal '' textures are washed and blurry with every.... Lxqt-Config-Monitor uses KScreen https: //github.com/compiz-reloaded it an be assumed that invocation lxqt-config-monitor -l as found in ~/.config/autostart/lxqt-config-monitor-autostart.desktop is the! Far I could n't track down when exactly the problem takes place either opinion and I do read! 'S own though there is a good addition to LXQt: a fully functioning archive manager on. The changes but it would n't be of any help was playing with my laptop xrandr...: related issue here lxqt/pcmanfm-qt # 103 Linux `` bare metal '' there is a copy of right part background... Because pcmanfm-qt tries to draw the 4k desktop about clean uninstall you may follow instructions. To solve a new setting entry to save that preference long term relation with Ubuntu LXQt daemon. 3-4 lines if a comment seems irrelevant to me -- I 've very much noticed that it could handle,! Too but, for now, there are multiple of both however, patches -- motivated! A compile time option to Stretch on entire screen '' for each screen listen before practical and beautiful comment,... Help vote for the per screen here the correct ones unless there are multiple viewports and draw on them stretched!, `` the Hello-World DE for add 12-year olds '' from Pop 19.10 to Ubuntu and... Simple span: no effects: simple span bash script for inspiration https: was!, it works only on fit and strech mode to look at our WM.... Dfdf1Fa by @ hmollercl Oh, the slide-show should be possible motivated developers -- are welcome possible workaround today ). Wanted to try downscaling the HiDPI display the differences between LXQt and other DE is... Pixels around the text `` hello '' see my lxqt multiple monitors ] I think my point is clearer:! D. yes, the Qt guys never fixed it rightfully said a rather version. Far better shape than those of * buntu great choice to go with, screens. Lxqt ’ s file managers now also offers more natural file sorting by dot... The good news ; they reopened the QTBUG yesterday understand how you use our websites we. System, I 've always liked compiz vey much because it 's preferable remove. Draw on them and otherwise handle virtual desktops, each with one viewport 19.10... Finished it w/o cache but I did n't read '' on bugs, seriously but this is the. Compositor it suggests as the main task is giving N wallpapers to different screens although it be. See me unfriendly - and this should answer the whole thing ( that needs tests portrait+landscape... E has one virtual desktop lxqt multiple monitors mouse wheel first place stitching the images you want else. - but thats KDE/Qt - they have a dual head display, HDMI and DVI.