//here we are converting the string into a lowercase string Here we discuss the logical explanation with an example to check if the string/number is a palindrome. She recently became interested in squares as well, and formed the definition of a nice and square number - it is a number that is a palindrome and the square of a palindrome at the same time. Examples: Input: 123 Output: No Input: 585 Output: Yes Approach: Since the number is entered as Command line Argument, there is no need for a dedicated input line; Extract the input number from the command line argument By. Example: 54345, 12321, 454 etc. Computer Programming - C++ Programming Language - Find Palindrome number in c++ sample code - Build a C++ Program with C++ Code Examples - Learn C++ Programming It is really very easy to check a String is either palindrome or not, But when you need to check it ignoring the characters are in lower case or not then it will be something called tricky program. Logic: Take a number. In general sense, Palindrome is a word such as that when we read that word character by character from forward, it matches exactly with a word formed when the same word is read from backward. document.write("
"+ myString + " is a Palindrome string
"); /* Here we write the string to output screen if it is a palindrome string */ This article is based on Free Code Camp Basic Algorithm Scripting “Check for Palindromes”. Basic Tools JSON Validator Javascript Keycode Case Converter Remove Line Breaks. padding: 20px; Reverse the input number. As a result, you get a symmetrical text that you can read from both sides and it will say the same thing. Pinterest. Declare a variable rem=0 for remainder initialized with value of 0 Display a text box for(var i=0; i < (PlainStr.length)/2; i++){ Copy the code and save it in a text file with a .html extension. Logic to find the palindrome is very simple, reverse the entered string and compare the reversed string with the original string, if both are same then it is a Palindrome. (Qbasic Code) CLS INPUT "Enter any number"; N A = N S = 0 WHILE N <> 0 R = N MOD 10 S = S * 10 + R N = N \ 10 WEND IF A = S THEN PRINT A; "is palindrome" ELSE PRINT A; "is not palindrome" END IF END. Examples for Palindrome Number: Input : 1441 Output : Palindrome Explanation: Reversing 1441 will also get 1441 Input : 12521 Output : Palindrome Explanation remains same For instance, 1, 9 and 121 are nice and square (being palindromes and squares, respectively, of 1, 3 and 11), while 16, 22 and 676 are not nice and square: 16 is not a palindrome, 22 is not a square, and while 676 is a palindrome and a square number, it is the square of 26, which is not a palindrome. In this tutorial, we will be building a Palindrome app which is able to determine the type of data inputted and advises on the nature of the input, whether it is a number or not, if it is an integer or not and if the input is a palindrome or not. } A palindrome is a word, phrase, number, or other sequence of characters which reads the same backward or forward. I called this program Palindrome of Numbers in PHP. First we will reverse the original number and then check it with the original number. Create A HTML WebPage Using JAVASCRIPT For Check Given String In Palindrome Or Not In Hindi:- " उल्टा सीधा एक समान" or "Ulta Seedha Ek Samaan " Javascript Palindrome Code start from here Palindrome