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Arts Are More Important Than Ever

The Arts are getting more and more important nowadays. It is also our beliefs that art and cultural activities enhance the quality of our lives, they bring about personal enjoyment, intellectual stimulations and chances for public’s enjoyment.

Throughout the years, Hotel sáv has an unwavering involvement in promoting local and international arts activities, such as participation in Art Festivals, cultural performances, exhibitions and art galleries etc. We have even evolving arts with charity events to further enhance their values. Seeking to contribute more to the local community, we have worked together with Hong Kong designers, fashion bloggers, and celebrities to present hospitality experience in an innovative and sustainable direction. We truly believe that those projects are beneficial to all stakeholders.

Floor of Fashion

Floor of Fashion

(2016) Supporting Hong Kong Fashion, Hotel sáv is one of the pioneer hotels in Hong Kong to layer style and fashion with interior design. The “The Gallery – Floor of Fashion” project is led by Dorian Ho, one of the Hong Kong’s most iconic fashion designer, featuring creative works from local designers, fashion bloggers, celebrities and young talents in each guest room. 

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Unveiling the works of influential fashionistas include one of Hong Kong’s most iconic fashion designer Dorian Ho, Mountain Yam, Grace Choi, Jessica Lau and Walter Kong. Fashion bloggers Veronica Li and Tim Wong and Celebrities (Ankie Beilke / Kayla Wong / Adrian Wong and Lydia & Fiona Tong), Painter and product designer LeonLolipop. Hotel sáv also cooperated with HKDI (Hong Kong Design Institute) fashion and image design department to create two themed rooms which showcase the masterwork by the young talents from HKDI.   Apart from the rooms, the hallway was turned into an art gallery highlights the work of local artists and creators. 

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Floor of Ocean

(2016) A Journey of Multisensorial Experience. The ocean-inspired “Floor of Ocean” rooms and suites are decorated by the hand-painted murals with bright and colourful corals and motifs. Featuring artworks by Frankie Cihi, a half Japanese half American painter and muralist, guests can embrace the extraordinary ocean in an art form with different senses. In this project, Frankie expressed her feelings of the ocean, where she believes everything was born from. Every journey to the sea is a trip to a serene holy temple that gives peace of mind. Frankie likes to paint creatures from the blue ocean in style of minimalism. And to perfect her drawings, Frankie also applied new technologies in traditional painting.   The CEO and Founder of sáv Hospitality Group, Mr. Edwin Chuang, denotes “Hotel sáv has been a great advocate in Arts. It is such an honor to host this collaboration with Frankie and I hope guests can explore the dynamic oceanic colors and adventure in contemporary Japanese wall-painting. We will strive to surprise our guests by collaborating with different artists and hosting more art projects in the future.” 

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Floor of Love

(2015-2016) Hotel sáv was among one of the very few hotels in Hong Kong who layers arts and culture together with Charity. In 2015, the year when Hotel sáv opened its door, a distinctive accommodation experience filled with love and arts was revealed to public. The “Floor of Love” unveiled unique hotel interior and guestrooms conceptualized by global artists.   On the “Floor of Love”, the entire guest floor was dressed up like an Art Gallery including cross-media art pieces created by Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong (ADAHK). Each guestroom carried distinctive character developed by inspirational talents worldwide. All artists were given a key subject to express “Love” in their own ways. Showcase pieces included sketches, photography, drawn works and handicrafts with titles such as Love the Planet, Love the Community, Love the Dream and Love the Memory etc.  

To make this Arts campaign more meaningful, Hotel sáv has donated part of the room income to Charity Organizations namely Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong (ADAHK) and Make-A-Wish Hong Kong to support the disabled talents and to help creating life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. 

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Tram #61 Exhibition

(2020) Classic Craft, Modern Meaning Tram #61 Exhibition (May 2020) Passionate and supportive in cultural art, Hotel sáv was honored to be one of the sponsors of the “Tram #61 Exhibition” by CeeKayEllo. This exhibition took place in the moving tram No.61 featuring mahjong tiles and birdcage crafts created by artists, including Amanda Tong, Ferderic Bussiere, Go Hung and Jun Matsumura displayed on a moving public tram, allowing everyone to enjoy the sculptural artworks and installations when travelling on the iconic transportation. Designed and made using fading crafts and techniques in local tram depots, Hong Kong trams are chosen by “Classic Craft, Modern Meaning” for its cultural and historical significance to pay tribute to local craftsmanship, and also demonstrate how art could be publicly accessible in the hope that those precious crafts can be sustained from generation to generation, as well as a contribution to our society.

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Water Poon Exhibition

(2016) Hotel sáv Hong Kong always devoted in promoting arts as a medium of connection and expression, and this time our collaboration with Blink Gallery and Faith In Love Foundations was to hold a Chinese ink painting charity exhibition with VIP preview for renowned photographer and artist, Mr. Water Poon, in Hotel sáv Hong Kong.  

The theme of this exhibition was ‘Open your heart and Reveal the World’ with minimalistic approach. Mr. Poon is in favor of lotus, which appears in his ‘Harmony’ and ‘Blue & White’ series. ‘Harmony’ consisted mostly in black and white, and usually with the following elements: a big shade of Lotus leaf, along with a bird name as “Double Kindness” portrayed in a tiny gray circle shape, and lotus flowers presented in little red dots. The composition is simple yet expressing an ambient and refreshing atmosphere through the contrast of black and white, as well as the surreal sense of space with the decorative red.

Water Poon is an artist, photographer, designer and film director. He has published various photograph albums, art books, travel notes and his works have been exhibited in various places include Singapore, Tokyo, Canada, United States, Australia and Philippine. Aside from photography, Water Poon is also interested in painting. His works include “Water Poon Collections”, “Still Water Runs Long” and “Los Angeles”, which has been exhibited in places like Japan and United States. Mr. Poon is especially interested in Chinese ink painting due to his passion in Chinese heritage. The abstract ink splashes on the Xuan paper reflects the pursuit of mind and spiritual purity for the modern urbanite.

“Water Poon Chinese Ink Painting Charity Exhibition” featured approximately 20 newest paintings will be showcasing and for charity sales during the exhibition, and 10% of the artwork sales was donated to Faith in Love Foundations for helping the disadvantaged members of the society.

An opening cocktail party of “Water Poon Chinese Ink Painting Charity Exhibition” was held successfully at Hotel sáv, it was our great honor to have both Mr. & Mrs Poon in the event. As a Beneficiary Organization, Founder of Faith in Love Foundations Gigi Chao awarded the cert of appreciation to Our CEO & Founder, Mr. Edwin Chuang. 

Click here for Water Poon's video interview *Cantonese

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BLAKHAT Pop Culture

(2016) Artizians, Hotel sáv and Naverina presented Hong Kong premier of Pop Culture Translated, a solo exhibition of contemporary artist BLAKHAT. The mysterious American artist’s works are to incite and provoke the audience to reflect on today’s society misled and ruled by mass media. Exploring themes of power, control, ego worship, society, and the commodification of the human experience.  

Numerous local celebrities such as artist Monie Tung and renowned musicians Ben Chong and Chi Wai Tang attended the event and amazed by the provocative artworks. This exhibition aimed to highlight the value of non-mainstream art, and Mr. Edwin Chuang, CEO & Founder of sáv Hospitality Group expresses, “Despite the growing awareness of art in Hong Kong, people mostly emphasizes on the artist’s fame, technique and aesthetics, only the minority group would dig deep into the artist’s style, horizon, attitude and the genuine message behind the artwork. We hope that by hosting BLAKHAT and other unique artists’ exhibitions in our hotel, we can provide alternatives from the mainstream to the audience, as well as a journey of art appreciation for our guests.”

BLAKHAT hails from Hollywood, California with a strong sense of opposition towards the shallowness of Hollywood and its influence on the world. Throughout history, artists have used their creative expression to expose us to new ideas in politics and culture, combining innovation with art’s greatest strength - its ability to transcend boundaries and make the impact desperately needed in times like today where corporate and government openly use emerging technologies to hold us hostage.

BLAKHAT uses bold Pop Art imagery consisting of large Lucite images, light boxes, a unique graffiti wall and sculptural installation pieces to get across complex messages. Issues are raised around identity, the soulless pursuit of fame at the cost of the authentic self along with commentary on political and religious extremism.

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09. 04. 2021Art


The first-ever Thai food promotion event ‘The Culinary Art of Thai Cuisine ’ organized by The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) was successfully held at Hotel sáv, reflecting Hongkongers‘ passion for Thai food and appreciation of the uniqueness of Thai food culture. Attendees included business entrepreneurs, entertainment, media and celebrities. Click here to explore more.

06. 04. 2018Art


The opening event of Institute Atelje Art Murn International (AAMI) Hong Kong was held at Hotel sáv, it showcased their unique art platform as well as their officially opened the Institute with the first HK art exhibition. It gave audiences the opportunity to appreciate artworks from world-class artists. AAMI was established by Slovenian artists, it is an international organization dedicated to connecting art with business.

01. 05. 2017Charity


Charitable Sale of Paper Art Piggy Banks by Disables Association Hong Kong (ADAHK) & Hong Kong creative duo Stickyline was held at Hotel sáv. These uniquely playful 3D paper sculptures spark joy and fun, focusing on paper engineering and structure development. This project represented the growth of ADA and the path we walked together as well as the power of love.  


26. 02. 2017Charity


Hotel sáv participated in SEASON & SPCA “My Best Friends” photo series and was the official venue sponsor. The project was a creative collaboration leaded by renowned fashion designer Dorian Ho, featuring famous celebrities who are great pet lovers and pet magazine SEASON. Fotomax was the printing sponsor of the calendars and folders. All income generated was donated to the SPCA. Click here to view video.

26. 09. 2016Event


To celebrate the launch of “The Gallery – Floor of Fashion”, Hotel sáv specially arranged a fashion show during the launch party to honour the work of Asian designers including Dorian Ho, young talents of YDC (Hong Kong Young Fashion Designer) and in house fashion label sáv Beachwear. Floor of Fashion features interior design works of numerous influential fashionistas in hotel rooms and hallway. Click here to view video

01. 09. 2016Art


Accomplishing the launch of The Gallery – Floor of Fashion”, Hotel sáv specially revamped a whole new “POP UP At SAV” area, where guests can find out the latest designed items from local fashion designers and young talents of HKDI.

01. 03. 2016Performance


We hosted our first Beer and Music Festival at the Space@sáv offering a wide selection of beers with fun games and amazing music performance by The Flame busking group, London pop and folk rock band  Sisters First, American Jazz Pop musicians Semi Pros and DJ Derald. Click here to view video

10. 12. 2015Art


Showcased more than 100 guitars, the NCK Exhibition attracted a lot of guitar lovers and professional musicians to come and visit at Hotel sáv. Rare pieces in the collection included Gibson’s BB King Lucille model, PRS McCarty Archtop I model, Eastman AR901CE model and Martini F-55 are some of the amazing art treasures. Click here to view video

13. 11. 2015Event


Hong Kong Beatbox Championship (HKBC) was held at the Space@sáv of Hotel sáv Hong Kong. The top four players from Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan got qualified to become the top 16 seed players in the Asian Championship". The heavyweight guest beatboxers were Faya Braz from France and Markooz Beatbox from Spain. Click here to view video

12. 10. 2015Performance


Kandy Wong also known as her stage name "Tong Mui" co-operated with Hotel Club and KKBOX  "Tong Mui Autumn Trip MINI LIVE" at the Space@sáv of Hotel sáv Hong Kong. In addition to singing travel-related songs, she also shared her travel experiences and writings. Kandy Wong is the vocal of the Hong Kong-based band duo Sugar Club.  Click here to view video.

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